How it works


Shower using MOEN showerhead
with INLY Technology

A Premium showerhead by US leader MOEN with 6 jets and embedded INLY essential oils water diffusion technology.


Select your INLY Aromatherapy
Shower Capsule

Essential oils capsules composed by French eco-perfumer and aromatherapy expert Jean-Charles Sommerard.


Enjoy daily Essential Oils treatments
in your shower water

Safe and precise diffusion of essential oils in your shower water for a unique moment of healthy wellness.

Discover our range of unique wellness

experiences in your daily shower

Energic morning
Energetic morning
Hike through a lush pine forest with the ENERGETIC MORNING capsule. Its fresh scent with essential oils of Lemon, Scotch Pine, and Cistus, gives you the extra boost you need before starting a busy day
Zen time
Zen time
Relax in the soothing waves of a lavender field with the ZEN TIME capsule. Its soft, sweet scent, with essential oils of Lavender, Vanilla, and Tea Tree oils, transforms your shower into an intense relaxation and wellness experience.
Sweet morning
Sweet morning
Ease into the day with the fresh berries, with the SWEET MORNING capsule. Its sweet, gentle fragrance with geranium essential oils and hints of red berries and vanilla will softly envelop you for a serene start to the day.
Tropical day
Tropical day
Escape to a paradise island with the TROPICAL DAY capsule. Its sweet, gentle fragrance with Lemongrass, Neroli, and Vanilla essential oils will transport you to a sun-drenched exotic beach for a uniquely relaxing experience.

Good for you and the planet too

Made in france


Social responsability


production by disabled people to promote social integration
Natural flagrances


we love our planet

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Aromatherapy is a care technique using essential oils. Known and recognized for millennia, it takes the individual as a whole and aims for physical, mental and emotional harmonization.
The INLY experience is based on the principles of aromatherapy, and allows you to diffuse the right mixture of essential oils directly into the shower water to benefit from their benefits on your skin and by inhalation.
Skinjay turns your daily shower routine into a moment of indulgence.

Our story

INLY is a brand of the SKINJAY group, a French company behind a unique technological innovation capable of diffusing perfumes and active ingredients for beauty and well-being directly into the shower water.
In 2019, INLY is joining forces with MOEN, the North American leader and valve expert, to integrate its technology directly into shower heads.
Thus was born the world's first aromatherapy shower head compatible with INLY essential oil capsules for the shower.